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Sex, Jews, and storytelling: Courses 2018-2019


Here are the courses I am offering at the University of Manitoba for 2018-2019:

FALL 2018

 Storytelling and Religion RLGN 2072

The focus of this course is on oral storytelling in Anishinaabe and world traditions; it includes storytelling by visiting storytellers and by students.

MWF 9:30 – 10:20 Sept-Dec 2018


Introduction to Judaism RLGN 2140

Even if you have taken one of my Judaism-related courses, this course would be appropriate to learn in more depth about Jewish history, stories, and ways of thinking.

MWF 11:30 – 12:20 Sept-Dec 2018


The Aramaic Language of the Zohar RLGN 3560 ; graduate section RLGN 7240

Aramaic is the language Jesus spoke and the language of many Jewish holy books and prayers. The Zohar is the most important book of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) and its form of Aramaic is especially simple and easy to learn.

This is a directed reading course – let me know if you want to take it and we will work out an appropriate time slot (Sept-Dec 2018)



Religion & Sexuality RLGN 1424

This is a look at a variety of religions with a focus on sex, gender, and the body.

T & Th 10 – 11:15 Jan-Apr 2019


Hasidism RLGN 3280

The bearded, black-hatted men with side curls who are the most visible representatives of Judaism are Hasidic Jews – followers of a rich tradition with its own music, stories, and spiritual practices which may be the future of Judaism as a whole. This would be an excellent follow-up course to Introduction to Judaism or any Judaism course.

T & Th 11:30 – 12:45 Jan-Apr 2019


 Midrash – Judaism honours/graduate seminar RLGN 4300 / RLGN 7160

Sacred scriptures can become deadly when they are read literally; they come alive when they are read through the ancient techniques of Midrash.

This course introduces texts of Midrash (creative, imaginative Jewish interpretations of the Bible) and their methods of reading, which we can use as well.

Prior knowledge of Judaism or the Bible would be helpful but is not required.

Tues 2:30 – 5:15 pm Jan-Apr 2019


Aphrodite Tells Her Story



In 2015 the ancient Goddess Aphrodite contacted me on Facebook. (In a proper academic stance of “methodological agnosticism” there is no reason to deny her identity.) Over the following months she told me of her memories and about her return to our world. She gave me permission to share her stories. I am presenting them here in her own words – which sometimes reflect the fact that English is not her first language; I have made a selection and arranged it by topic. I hope to write an article about these stories but present them here for all who may be interested.

 Aphrodite’s Stories (pdf file)