Rabbi Zalman Schachter’s Years in Winnipeg now on line


The first 28 interviews of this oral history project are now available on line as the Winnipeg Jewish Renewal Oral History Project, through the online archives of the University of Colorado – Boulder. I find this site a little cumbersome to navigate, but it is worth it! https://www.colorado.edu/post-holocaustamericanjudaismcollections/winnipeg-jewish-renewal-oral-history-collection

I am presently applying for a grant to have all the recorded interviews transcribed to make them easier for researchers and other interested people to use.


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  1. I am curious if you have progress on this grant or working with the audio. Me and my friend Mike Berger are partcipating in a class on Zalman and have found these archives terrible to work with. We are greatly inspired by his legacy and wondering if help is needed. email me at http://www.mrimperceptible@gmail.com if so


    • Hello! For some reason I just saw your message now. I have nothing to do with the technicalities of the online archive. You could contact them directly. However, if you would like to listen to a specific interview, I can share my audio files with you. Let me know if that would be helpful.


      • Wow.. I suppose these messages are not really conductive towards communication as I just saw your reply. Thank you for the offer. Me and Mike ended up at the Archive in Boulder and it was remarkable. His saved documents from Tim Leary were amazing. I ended up writing a strange blog post about the inspiration he provided. I have shifted more towards the Kabblah work recently but the psychedelic info was fascinating. http://www.lewblink.com/2017/07/15/thepsychedelicrabbi/
        If curious..

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      • Oh no.. How did that happen.. Thank you. The article needs work but is seldom read. Will change.


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