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Courses: Winter 2015


In Fall 2014 I am on research-study leave, but in Winter 2015 I am offering three courses in Religion and Judaic Studies. They are for anyone interested in exploring cultures and ideas. My courses do not include exams, and most have a creative project as an option in addition to regular research papers and assignments. I am very available to my students for consultation and support.


Religion and Sexuality (RLGN 1424)

MWF 9:30-10:20 am, January 7-April 10

St. Paul’s College room 100

An introduction to world religions through the lens of sexuality, exploring how sexual desires and practices are celebrated, regulated, imagined and constructed in different religions. Topics may include pleasure, procreation, sexual and gender identities, marriage, asceticism, erotic imagery of divine beings and divine-human relations.

3 credits crn 26277 section A01

Humanities Course, Religion Area B, University 1 Course, Written English Requirement

Introduction to Judaism (RLGN 2140)

MWF 11:30-12:20, January 7-April 10

University College 386

An exploration of Jewish religious experience: the rhythms of time, the sensory life, sacred texts, collective memory, rules and resistance to rules. The course will introduce Jewish ways of learning, and consider Judaism as a test case for concepts in religious studies, including “religion” itself.

3 credits crn 26280 section A01

Humanities Course, Religion Area A2, Written English Requirement. May be counted toward a Minor in Judaic Studies.

Kabbalah (RLGN 3824)

MWF 1:30-2:20, January 7-April 10

Tier 505

Kabbalah is a centuries-old stream of Jewish thought and practice which encompasses mysticism, ethics, spiritual practice and magic. Students will come away from this course with a working knowledge of the Zohar, the central text of Kabbalah, its radical theology and its mythical-symbolic mode of expression. The course also explores the influence of the Zohar within Judaism and beyond and related scholarly debates.

3 credits crn 26286 section A01

Humanities Course, Religion Area A1. May be counted toward a Minor in Judaic Studies.

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